Junior’s Cheesecake Brooklyn NY – Best NY Cheescake

Junior’s Cheesecake Brooklyn NY – Best NY Cheescake

Original Juniors Cheesecake Brooklyn

386 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn NY
(718) 852-5257

It seems like a month already but it’s only been three weeks since we moved to DUMBO and it’s been a lot of fun discovering a lot of the local restaurants (stay tuned). A few weeks ago, we checked out Junior’s on Flatbush. It’s not technically in DUMBO, more like Ft Greene but let’s just say it’s DANGEROUSLY close enough.

This is the original location by the way so F’ the tourist packed Times Square location. Inside you can see photos of Ebbets field and signed memorabilia from the original Brooklyn Dodgers.

But back to the cheesecake. I kind of forgot that there was more than just the original. My sister and her boyfriend got the Apple Crumb, Gisa got the Black Forrest, and I got the original. The Apple crumb and black forrest were pretty amazing but you can’t really taste the creamy cheesecake as much as you’d expect – still not a bad option though. Guess I am kind of purist. Anyhow, will need to go back and slowly work my way through the rest of the menu. There are more than twenty varieties from what I could count on the menu!

Haven’t tried one yet?

Click here for a free slice of Junior’s!


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