Jin Fong Dim Sum Chinatown New York

jin fong dim sum chinatown new york

Jin Fong Dim Sum Chinatown New York

On Elizabeth south of Canal

I’ve written several posts about Dim Sum in NY, Hong Kong, Chicago and San Diego (another one on Vancouver to come shortly). In NY you’ve got a lot of options including Golden Bridge and Dim Sum A Go Go. When it comes to large banquet style dim sum parlours there’s only a few that stand out – Golden Bridge, Golden Unicorn and Jin Fong. A few weeks back when jin fong dim sum chinatown new york the weather was still balmy 65F we checked out Jin Fong. This restaurant is basically on the otherside of Golden Bridge – some speculators say they share the same kitchen. Like Golden Bridge, part of the experience is riding up jin fong dim sum chinatown new york the switfly moving escalator to the lobby and jockeying your way to hostess for a table. When overly crowded, you may want to bring a few extra bills to get you to the front of the line – never tried this but I’ve heard it works. We ordered the usual Cha Xiu Bao, Shrimp Rice Noodles, Congee, and noodles. If you can’t wait for the carts to come around fastjin fong dim sum chinatown new york enough, Jin Fong also has a long steaming tray table where you can go up and pick up dishes that are ready to go. Overall, I think the atmosphere here is more relaxed – with its high ceilings and open space, you don’t feel as cramped as you would at Golden Bridge. The service was swift and efficient and perhaps it was a slower day but we didn’t feel as if they were pushing you out the door as you would at many other ultra busy dim sum places in Chinatown.

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  • i usually go to jin fong for dim sum cause it’s reliable. either that or 88 palace which i think used to be much better years ago. there doesn’t seem to be any new good dim sum places… do you know of any ?

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