Jian Bing – Chinese Crepes

Jian Bing Chinese Crepes

Jian Bing ( 煎饼 ) – Chinese Crepes

Somewhere on the Streets of Beijing

Jian Bing Machine!
One of the first posts I wrote for this blog over a year ago was on Jian Bing. These are the Chinese variety of Crepes and are great street food snacks. I’ve never seen any type of sweet Jian Bing – usually they are savory with eggs, scallions, cilantro and a piece of crunchy fried dough. Normally these are poured onto a hot iron surface and flipped with a pair of flat spatulas, but last Jan while walking through some random streets in Beijing and we ran across an ingenious invention – a spinning wheel Jian Bing machine. Jian Bing Chinese Crepes Basically it’s the same concept as the normal Jian Bing but the guy spins the wheel and then uses the wooden scrapper to produce a perfectly round Jian bing crepe. The ones he makes on the machine are also much larger than what I’m used to. The dough that they have also is a little different and is more egg-y and crunchier. I just remember that day it was really cold (look at what the serving lady above is wearing) and eating these snacks really help warm us up.

I made a video and which can be viewed here. Check it….

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