J.D.’s Irish Pub Wee Burgers NY

J.D.’s Irish Pub

Wee Burgers / Sliders

51st @ 3rd avenue

Went out for some drinks with my coworkers today after work. One of our new regular after work bars is J.D.’s Irish pub down on 51st and 3rd avenue. They have all kinds of beers as you can imagine for an Irish pub but they also have a nice bar menu. They feature these tiny little sliders called Wee Burgers – they are about 2 mouthfuls large or the size of a silver dollar. For about $1.25 each they’re great. We order about 20 at a time whenever we go. I’m sorry I couldn’t take a photo – my camera’s LCD screen cracked and I am getting it repaired. Should be ready in about 2 weeks hopefully. Yeah it’s really not a great time to be without a digital camera.

The Donald

Donald Trump was in our office yesterday filming an episode of The Apprentice. In real life he’s actually pretty tall and his hair is white-ish grey, not the pinkish orange you see on TV. Anyhow in person Trump is not much different than on TV or those skits from Saturday Night Live. “This is what I’m going to do…..” I actually heard him say that!!! Hilarious. I’ll have to see the episode now just to see him at my company.

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