Jasmine Chinese Restaurant San Diego CA

Jasmine Chinese Restaurant is the largest banquet hall on Convoy Street or I suppose it is safe to say the largest Chinese restaurants in San Diego. Is largest the best? I would say it is pretty good and the service recently has gotten a lot better. It is a Cantonese style restaurant which means plenty of fresh sea food and dim sum on the weekends. On Saturdays it is the place to be seen if you’re one of those San Diego Asian socialites or just a wanna be Chinese gangster. Black S class and cartier sunglasses make the difference I suppose, but will it get you past the line? It’s all about the VIP!

We went out last Friday and ordered the following:
 jasmine chinese restaurant

1) Steamed chicken with ham and gai lan was extremely tender and juicy. It slid in your mouth. Very tasty and not too salty either – just cooked right.

steamed chicken with gai lan  jasmine chinese restaurant

2) Steamed toufu with shrimp is a dish that is steamed in a claypot. The toufu is very light and they pour on an oyster sauce that has its carmel sweet taste. The shrimp and mushrooms give the dish a nice crunch to balance out the silky smooth toufu. Be sure to order extra rice cause this dish is great with a bowl of white rice.
steamed toufu chinese food  jasmine chinese restaurant

3) Dao Mu (sprouts) – I’ve had better but these are pretty good. The garlic wasn’t too overpowering as you’ll find in other restaurants but these sprouts didn’t seem to taste very fresh today.
dao mu sprouts  jasmine chinese restaurant

4) Sripped Bass had a lot of bones and they butterfly fileted the fish. Kind of made it difficult to eat, but it was tasty overall

striped bass steamed fish chinese restaurant jasmine

Lastly we ordered steamed lobster with baked garlic. It was pretty tasty and very fresh. The baked garlic that is placed on top of the lobster has been carmelized and gives it a sweet taste. They also mix in some fresh raw garlic to give it a slight punch:
lobster jasmine chinese restaurant san diego

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