Jamaican Street Food Cart – Midtown NY 7th and 51st St

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Jamaican Street Food Cart

Midtown NY 7th and 51st St

Hey street food vendors, a new contender is in town and has just upped the ante. Check out the Jamaican Food Cart on 51st and 7th Avenue. Mounted on the side of the cart is a flat screen TV that plays music videos. Nice man. From the massive line in front of the cart, I’d have to say it’s not just the bells and whistles (or flat screens in this case) that are attracting people. There is definitely hype in this cart and word get around FAST – this place has only been up for less than a month (see early spotting by Midtown Lunch). The customer at the front of the line told me you have to arrive before 11:30AM otherwise it’s a long long wait – she said the Jerked chicken is awesome. I couldn’t squeeze in a chance to sample today, but no worries will check it soon and let you know.

1 thought on “Jamaican Street Food Cart – Midtown NY 7th and 51st St”

  • yo, I ate the jerk chicken meal today (chicken, rice & beans, slaw, plantains). It took 40 min to get food, but it was worth it. The jerk was really spicy and you get a good amount of food.

    Next time I think I’m going to try the oxtail stew, which looked awesome or a beef patty.

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