Island Burgers New York Bobby Flay

island burgers bobby flay new york

Island Burgers and Shakes Restaurant

766 Ninth Ave

A few weeks ago I went out to get some Afghan kebabs and right out on the street was Bobby Flay from the Food Network doing a review of Island Burgers. Although I’m not the largest Bobby Flay fan, I am a huge Food Network TV fan so I decided to check out the burgers at Island burgers. From the outside Island burgers looks like just another hole in the wall burger joint but once inside I noticed it was actually a pretty serious burger and chicken sandwich restaurant. It’s got a super large selection of burgers – someone calculated that there are 44 variations. bobby flay island burgers new yorkI went with the Churasco which is a grilled chicken breast sandwich. Attention chicken sandwich lovers, Island Burgers makes some really serious chicken sandwiches. I ordered the Route 66 which is served on a toasted rye bread with a side of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. The chicken is grilled with a slice of jack cheese. island burgers churasco chicken sandwich The burger / sandwich is huge – it’s one of those that you can’t really eat with your hands but need a fork and knife to cut through. The chicken however I think was grilled a little too much as was a little dry for my taste. Perhaps if it was more manageable to eat with your hands it would have tasted a little better with the overall blend of avocado, tomato, cheese chicken and bacon. Overall it was pretty good to say the least. Island burgers also has a ton of shakes to choose from as well as salads. One thing to note however is that they don’t serve fries with their burgers! Apparently when Island burgers opened they didn’t have enough money for a frier and then never got around to it. So if you’re expecting to have a burger with your fries bring your own. They do offer hot potatoes and chips however.

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