Intermezzo – Brunch & All You Can Drink Specials Chelsea New York

Intermezzo – Brunch & All You Can Drink Specials Chelsea New York – Drunk Brunch 3

Intermezzo - Brunch & All You Can Drink Specials

202 8th Ave (@ West 20th)
(212) 929-3433

Intermezzo - Brunch & All You Can Drink Specials So this is my 3rd blog post in a row that is not so much about food, but more about drinking. I hope I’m not scaring away my core audience, but who am I kidding? I probably lost them 10 blog posts back. LOL. Seriously this is still a food blog and not my personal journal about my drinking experiences with my friends. So please read on for my brief food review…

It all started last weekend when my friend Martha organized a regular fun tradition for her friends called ‘drunk brunch’. I was lucky to attend Drunk Brunch #3 which also happened to be an especially important day because 3 people were co-celebrating their birthdays. The concept of drunk brunch is pretty simple: find a nice civilized place to have a meal that has drink specials, start early in the Intermezzo - Brunch & All You Can Drink Specials day and continue as long as you can hang on. Somehow, and I had no idea that it was possible in NY but there’s actually a handful of places that feature ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK specials. Enter Intermezzo in Chelsea. They have a great extensive brunch menu and a $12 special for all you can drink mimosas, screwdrivers, bloody marys, and whole food happy birthday cake, johnsons lower east side ny bellinis with no time limit. I got the 2 eggs any style with hash and sausage with a bloody mary. The meal was ok – I think I should have gotten the Steak and Eggs though (see photo). The service on the otherhand, is pretty amazing as the drinks kept flowing and your glass never really reaches ½ without an immediate refill. This easily explains the random drunkenness that soon followed. As I recall, it started when someone passed around a do-rag to wear, then cloth napkins were made into bandanas that we put on Tupac style. At the same time, a piece of chalk somehow materialized and was used to tag and decorate the paper surfaces of the restaurant tables. Before I realized it, someone was wearing a Johnsons - Lower East Side Bar New York completely random Star Wars Ewok hoody while someone else whipped out and unfurled a bright pink Hello Kitty umbrella in the middle of the restaurant. Needless to say, fast forward 3.5 hours later and we were suddenly at Johnson’s on the Lower East Side. There, we had a really good celebratory Birthday Cake a la Whole Foods. Some washed the cake down by shot-gunning cans of PBR (the proper way to drink pbr btw). I think I ended up leaving around 7 pm cause I had to run a 15K race the next day but after viewing the photos of what happened after I left, I’m not sure if it was a good idea or a bad idea to leave the party. All I can say for sure is that I can’t wait for Drunk Brunch IV!

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