Hutong Hong Kong – Aqua Restaurant

Hutong Hong Kong – Aqua Restaurant

Just a quick post that I will follow up in the near future with photos, etc. I’m at an internet cafe with people breathing down my neck in queue. Anyhow, we just had dinner at Hutong and had to put this up asap in case anyone is out there on the fence about going.

The view – you’ve got an amazing view of Hong Kong Harbour skyline on the 28th floor.

The Food – it’s ok but not exceptional. I have to say the portions are larger than I expected. The crispy lamb rips hutong style and the grouper with fried peanuts and garlic were excellent. Also the dish with the deep fried taro served over creamy salted egg crab paste was also innovative, but if you’re looking for true authentic Northern cuisine – go to Beijing and eat in a real Hutong.

The service. Hutong means alley in Chinese or basically the back alley. I guess that’s where they hired these servers because they dont’ know shit about good service. At least what you would expect in a nicely decorated place with a view wouldn’t you?

Ok more in a bit. I have to run. Merry Christmas!

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