Hungarian Pastry Shop Cafe Morningside Heights Columbia University NY

Hungarian Pastry Shop Cafe Morning Side Heights Columbia University NY

hungarian pastry shop cafe columbia university new york

1030 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10025

Remember the days BEFORE Starbucks? When you would go to a local neighborhood cafe to enjoy coffee and maybe some pastries? Well there’s still a few of those types of neighborhood cafes around. Here’s one near Columbia University – it’s on a busy block of Amsterdam Ave between W110 and W111 st next to a new upscale Chinese restaurant (heard it was decent), a student dive bar (cheap drinks), a Bengali restaurant, a Kati roll station and a sandwich shop.

hungarian pastry shop cafe columbia university new york

Despite its busy neighbors, the Hungarian Pastry Shop has a pretty good following. Just check out the large display case at the counter and you’ll discover why. I got a huge pastry stuffed with a honey poppy seed black sesame filling. Nice! I often go here to study between classes and during the summers, it’s nice to enjoy a few cups of coffee on the sidewalk tables – I can almost be a Euro-Poser, especially with the huge Cathedral of St John the Devine right across the street. See you there!

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