Hui Guo Rou (回锅肉) at Shu He LiJiang Yunnan China

Hui Guo Rou (回锅肉) at Shu He LiJiang Yunnan China

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For those vegans, vegetarians, and raw food lovers who are following my Spring Liver Cleanse blog posts (I’m 2/3 of a way through a 3 week cleanse now), you’ll have to excuse me as I am about to blog about some really awesome food : Pork! Believe me, it pains me to look at these photos when all I can eat on this cleanse are vegetables and fruit.

Anyways, I had an amazing plate of Hui Guo Rou (回锅肉) or twice cooked pork Sichuan style over rice when I was out in the village of Shu He near LiJiang. It was spicy had lots of huajiao (大红袍花椒) giving it a ma taste and overall a very authentic Sichuanese taste (SiChuan borders Yunnan to the north). We also had some spicy garlic cucumber, a soup that I don’t quite remember and suan la fen 酸辣粉. To be honest, I am having a serious flashback withdrawals right now thinking about these dishes while on this cleanse. I think we only paid like 35 RMB for all the dishes which is less than $6 USD.

About Shu He Lijiang Yunnan
Shu He is a smaller, cleaner version of LiJiang and at night the entire village empties out. If you go to LiJiang, and dislike supper large touristy crowds check out Shu He or even opt to stay there. We stayed at the Nomad Hostel and Café Guesthouse (very cheap, clean and friendly staff). Like LiJiang, you’re going to get lost and not too many people will be able to help you but call the hostel staff and they can come find you. The Sichuan restaurant is literally 3 mins walk down from the Nomad Hostel.

Oh I also tried this local beer called NaXi Snowy Beer – it’s green because it has live Spirulina inside of it. It wasn’t particularly tasty and I’m still not sure if this caused my food poisoning symptoms or if it was the high altitude.

Yunnan china trip 2011 dali, li jiang, lugu, kunming, 大理 , 丽江,泸沽湖, 昆明

Ok that’s it – now back to blogging posts about vegetables and fruits for another week.

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