Hong Kong Street Food – Near Chunking Express

hong kong street food

Hong Kong Street Food

TST Kowloon

I finally got my camera back while I was on my business trip to Asia so I’m going to start adding some posts from the vacation last December.

hong kong street food

Chungking Mansions / Express

Last December we were staying in Kowloon next door to the Chungking Mansions. Chunking mansions as you may be aware is the actual site and is the basis of War Kai Wong’s Chunking Express. Nearby we ran across some authentic street food. The way these street food vendors work is you choose your ingredients and they either fry up your choice or put it in a broth. Most of these were already skewered and ready to eat. hong kong street food We ordered a skewer of Shui mai (shrimp dumplings) . These I remember being very good especially with the hot sauce served on the side. The other one we ordered are pig tripe on a stick – not something you see and eat every day in the USA, but give it a try. It tastes much better than you think.

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  • Does anyone have a recipe to make
    Barley Green Hand Shaved Noodles?
    They are healthy and taste great with sauteed fresh vegetables.

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