Hong Kong Station Noodle Shop NY

Hong Kong Station Noodle Shop NY

Hong Kong Station Noodle Shop

128 Hester St. (Chinatown/Lower Manhattan)
East of Bowery

Sometimes going for a good meal in New York Chinatown means going off the beaten path. Just east of Bowery on Hester St far away from all of the touristy shops on Canal is Hong Kong Station Noodle shop. It emulates a fast food noodle shop that you would find in Hong Kong. The sign on the marquee is even in the same font as the Hong Kong Metro. I love the little noodle lucky cats. maneko neki. hong kong station noodle shopicon in red and white – it’s awesome. We went in to check out the noodles in this restaurant and was pleasantly surpised by the authenticity of the noodles. A row of lucky cats greet you in all various sizes. I guess Hong Kong Station Noodle Shop doesn’t take any chances on getting luck. The way this works is you choose the type of noodles : fresh or dried / egg or rice noodles. Then you choose a la carte style what type of ingredients you want in your noodle soup. There isn’t an English menu on the wall so if you can’t read Chinese you can just point at the ingredients. There’s a lot of familiar items such as Chinese broccoli, turnips, shiitake mushrooms, chicken wings, tofu, and other vegetables. There’s also some hardcore items like tripe, beef stomach, chicken gizzards, and pigÂ’s blood. It’s all served with a very rich chicken soup base. It costs about $1 per item so you can gauge what you are spending. Because everything is pre-cooked your noodles are ready to eat in minutes – a very quick solution like you’d find in the Hong Kong Metro. Here’s a sample of what I got that day:
hong kong station noodle shop new york

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  • Don’t bother going to this place. I was so excited to go here and I couldn’t wait to taste the noodles. Everyone said it was great. I get there and the place was shut down by the Health Department. There were signs everywhere with skulls and cross-bones. I guess they had a rat problem cause the signs also said to beware of the rat bait. I have no idea when or if they will ever re-open. : (

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