Hong Kong – Mid Levels

I forgot the name of the place but BEWARE it’s a total tourist trap. It’s in Midlevels in Hong Kong and has an attractive door with a chilli pepper flames.

Anyhow we got ripped off with some really poor sichuan northern food and paid a dear price. The owner/waitress was extremely nice but we later found out she was really after our money.

The presentation was however memorable: (check out the goldfish)
This is a crab cakes dish that although delicious, was not worth the tourist elevated prices.

Present at the dinner: El-Mar, Hendrik, Sing and Simon.

After the $800 HK dollar meal, we went out for pizza and

nice wonton noodle soup down the street!

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  • this website is really useful for my food technology homework as i am doing chinese foods. i have seen lots of wonderful pictures and now have a few ideas as to what food I might make. THANK YOU for your lovely pictures.

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