Hong Kong – Belgium Waffle Street Food

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Hong Kong – Belgium Waffle Street Food

Somewhere in Mong Kok Kowloon

So in Mong Kok there’s a ton of street food available. I guess the competition has led to diversification of food and as long as it is portable and can be served up quick, you’ve got a hot street food item. Who wouldn’t mind having a waffle as a snack anyhow? I ordered mine with black sesame. The madness here is unreal – you really feel the crush of the crowd around these street food vendors. belgium waffles, hong kong waffles, mongkok waffles, street food This place played on the hello-kitty japanese pop theme as a lot of places in Hong Kong. It’s hard to describe how ingrained the ‘ke ai’ / cuteness of hello-kitty into the culture – pretty easy to find hello kitty keychains hanging off the keys of an adult. I wish I took a photo of it but there’s Hello Kitty Water – in a pink bottle. It was actually pretty cool and R A V E – u know what I mean?

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Belgium Waffle Street Food”

  • HAHA. Yeah they probably sell something like that somewhere if you ask… just joking. No these are just extra large black sesame seeds. Click on the photo to get a larger view..

  • Simon, I was wondering what your opinion is on food bloggers in Hong Kong. We are looking to write a story about them in the dining section of HK magazine. Do you read many other food blogs from Hong Kong? If you’re interested in giving some thoughts on the food blog culture, feel free to send me an email at intern5@asiacity.com.hk. We’d love to hear from you, Thanks!

  • 1st of all let me tell you how happy i am to see a familiar sight in food blogs.i havent seen many Hk food bloggers and so cannot share many thingg and experiences like u see the Uk bloggers and new york bloggers do.
    And yes i have been to this particular one and i love the toasted chocolate one.Diagonally opp to the Langham Place mall ,right outside the Mong kok MTR exit,this one is a favoutite snack place for me.

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