F*ck Swine Flu – Homemade Pernil al Horno Roasted Pork Recipe

F*ck Swine Flu – Homemade Pernil al Horno Roasted Pork Recipe

pernil roasted pork recipe
Roasted Pork and Black Beans with fresh roasted red beets, arugula, red leaf salad

Egypt is culling thousands of pigs for fear of swine flu. What?! Give me some of that meat – I’ve got an awesome recipe for home made Pernil al Horno or roasted pork shoulder!! (You get Swine Flu from people who are sick, not healthly live animals) This recipe calls for a slow roast (4-5 hours or overnight at a lower temp) which results in an amazing pork that is crispy on the outside but extremely juicy and tender on the inside. Roast pork is a great starter meat that complements many different dishes. Traditionally you can have pernil roasted pork on a plate of rice and black beans and plantains, or squeeze some lime juice and roll into a tortilla for a soft taco, inside of a cuban sandwich, or go pan Asian and drop a few crispy pieces of the roast pork into a hot bowl of ramen. For about $10-$15 you can roast a whole pork shoulder that will feed 10-20 people or freeze and store for your next taco party.

I got this recipe from the Rican Chef and slightly modified it a bit.

Pernil al Horno / Roasted Pork Recipe (Feeds 10-20 people)
1. 10-12lb Pernil Pork Shoulder (be sure it is whole and not pre sliced)
2. 10-12 cloves of garlic
3. Adobo spice
4. 2 teaspoons of oregano
5. 1 tablespoon of olive oil
6. Freshly ground pepper and sea salt

pernil roasted pork recipe Take the pork and sprinkle with salt and wash with cold water. Using a paper towel, gently dry the pork and set aside in a bowl skin side down. Sprinkle adobo spice and rub all surfaces of the pork. What’s adobo? You can get it at the latin Spanish aisle of your grocery market. I went to my local Puerto Rican deli a block away where the guys at the counter were proud to point out the the 4 colored varieties of Goya brand Adobo spice (Blue: Plain, Red: with pepper, Green: with cumin, and Yellow: with Lemon and Pepper) It was kind of Matrix moment to choose between the red and blue, but I like it spicy so I chose the Red.

Next, take a sharp knife and make 1 inch deep cuts evenly throughout the non skin side of the roast (about 6-10 stabs). Take a garlic press and press all of your garlic cloves into a ceramic bowl (or mortar pestle). Add oregano, olive oil and 2 teaspoons of freshly ground pepper. Take a wooden spoon and mash down the mixture into a paste.
pernil roasted pork recipe
Take the paste and fill into each of the cuts on the roast. With any excess paste, rub over the top (non skin) surface of the roast. At this point you can either begin cooking or if you have the time, seal the bowl with plastic wrap and let marinate overnight or longer (I let mine go for 36 hours). When ready to cook, transfer the roast to a foil covered baking pan skin side down and cover with foil to lock in the moisture as it cooks. Set oven to 350F and roast on a center rack for 3-5 hours (check for an internal temperature of 180F at 3.5 hours). Or as the Rican Chef says, you can slow roast overnight at 225F but be sure to set your alarm clock so it doesn’t overcook.
pernil roasted pork recipe
When the roast is cooked, remove the foil and cook for an additional 10-15 mins at 400F or Broil to get a nice crispy golden color on the surface. If you like the skin crispy, you may also want to flip the roast over and bake for an additional 15 mins as well. Remove and enjoy! Swine is mmmmmmmmmmmm super!

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