Hilda’s Empanadas – Spanish Harlem Street Food Recipe

Hilda's Empanadas - Spanish Harlem Street Food

Hilda’s Empanadas – Spanish Harlem Street Food

Madison between E110 and E111th St

Empanada Mamas

Over at E110th street in Sing’s building a bitter rivalry is slowly forming over 2 local residents who sell their cooked goods on the sidewalk. In the past it was always Hilda from the 3rd floor who cooked the best but recently a new comer has arrived cooking a variety of dishes such as fried chicken, breaded beef patties, tacos, etc. I tried the breaded beef patty and it was pretty good but it was quite greasy. Last weekend deep frying empanadas on the sidewalk Spanish HarlemHilda reclaimed her space and set up shop a block up on the corner of E111th and Madison. That day she made Beef Empanadas. Empanadas if you don’t already know are puff pastries that are filled with meat or vegetables and then deep fried. Today’s beef empanadas were mixed with onions and spices and then hand filled and deep fried right on the grill. I love the details on the frilled edges of her empanadas she makes with a fork. For a $1 each these empanadas were hot items on the street and Hilda basically blew away the other lady.

Hilda's Beef Empanadas

Here’s a recipe I found for Beef Empanadas


DOUGH: 1 lb. flour, 2 or 3 tbsp. of crisco or lard, brine or salt water, 1/2 tbsp. of vinegar.
FILLING: 1/2 kilo meat, 2 tbsp, of onion, flour, slat and pepper, 1/2 cup broth, 1 hard boiled egg, lard for frying.
In 1 lb, of flour put 2 or 3 tsp. of very hot crisco or lard and the same amount of brine, 1/2 tsp. vinegar; knead well. Cut the meat very fine and fry in paprika; add two tbsp. of onion, chopped fine, 1 tbsp. of flour, a little broth seasoned with salt, and pepper, let all this brown for a while; when it is well browned remove from fire and add the chopped hard-boiled egg. Form small empanadas and fill. Fry in very hot fat.


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