Harold N Kumar Adventure: In N Out Burger

"In N Out" "In N Out burger" "double double" "animal burger"

In N Out Burger

Somewhere in Palm Springs, CA

In high school, the cool thing to do was to go to In N Out Burger get one of their bumper stickers and cut the ‘B’ and ther ‘r’ off of ‘Burger’ and then paste it back together and you get, well you know… Yeah that was high school and growing up in California you take fast food drive thru’s for granted. "In N Out" "In N Out burger" "double double" "animal burger" There was an In N Out practically all over San Diego and if you got tired of burgers, well there’s some great Mexican at Rubios, Albertos, and Robertos. But it wasn’t until last month when I was out at a work conference in Palm Springs that I fully realized how much I missed the burgers from In N Out Burger.

"In N Out" "In N Out burger" "double double" "animal burger" Before I get into the Double – Double / Animal Style Burgers from In N Out Burger, let me take a minute and rewind back a few to help you understand what happened before In N Out Burger. So that night our company threw a ‘Rat Pack’ theme party at the convention and you’re supposed to dress like Frank, Dean, and Sammy. We also had unlimited free drinks (living it up like Dean) and there was live Karaoke (always a dangerous combination). After about 3 or 4 hours of this there was an afterparty at the hotel lobby bar. Someone ordered a few rounds of Petron Platinum and jagermeister. I guess at that point the shots and alcohol were overpowering our light dinners and then suddenly Neil had the brilliant idea about making a road trip to "in and out" "in and out burger" "double double" "animal burger" In N Out Burger. Now you have to realize none of us had a car or any type of transportation and we were all pretty hammered at this point so the 5 of us decided to hire a cab and make a midnight run to In N Out Burger. It was myself, Neil, his girlfriend Erica, Romain, and Paul. $50 in cab fare later, our ‘Harold and Kumar’ adventure brought us to the bright and clean interiors of an In N Out Burger restaurant. Everything at this point I have to admit is kind of fuzzy. I remember ordering a few double double (double double cheese, double double meat) and animal style fries. I guess everyone was kind of in a feeding frenzy. I bought a double double for the cab driver as a token of our appreciation. We met up with other people from the conference. The In N Out employees were pretty cool and gave us some silly In N Out hats for us to wear. But I have to say, I still do remember the taste of that juicy double double In N Out burger and it was heavenly for sure. I defintely will make a point to have one of these everytime I return to California.

On the ride back someone was playing ‘Juicy’ by Notorious BIG on their cell phone – appropriate I suppose. Which kind of made me think – "in and out" "in and out burger" "double double" "animal burger" if In N Out Burger were an East Coast joint would the Beasty Boys sing about In N Out instead of White Castle? And can’t you picture Biggie Smalls going off about a Double Double along with … Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this
50 inch screen, money green leather sofa…

Hey all I have to say is In N Out Burger
If you don’t know, (try it) now you know …..

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