Happy Chinese New Year – Pork Tartar Hong Kong

pork tartar, german delicacy, raw pork on bread

Happy Chinese New Year!

This is from my friend El-mar out in Hong Kong. It’s the year of the Pig and it just so happens that he sent me this funny post about a traditional German delicacy – pork tartar on toast!

El-mar writes “… Took a picture of a very german delicacy just before I
left and thought that it might contribute to your blog. To my
knowledge only Germans eat it but I got quite a few
Aussies hooked on the stuff while they were in Germany
and they found a german butcher in Queensland who
makes it for them.

It doesn’t look that spectacular but it is very very yummy!
Unfortunatly there is no English translation! It is basically
raw grounded or minced pork or maybe you could even
call it pork tartar. Normally you spread a thick layer of it on
bread, add a little onion and pepper on top and then eat it!
What freaks people out is the fact to eat raw pork meat.
Germans eat loads of that stuff and you can get it at every butcher/

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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