Happy Chef Dim Sum Chicago

happy chef dim sum chicago

Happy Chef Dim Sum
2164 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616-1514
(312) 808-3689

Was out in Chicago a few weeks ago and we stopped by Chinatown for dim sum. One thing I have to say to you Chicagoans is that you really keep your Chinatown tidy! It was so clean and parking was actually easy to find – not like here in New York or even the Chinatown in San Francisco. We asked a few locals on the street and they chicken feet dim sum The beef balls were hit and so was the jia leung. Beef was very tender and juicy. The jia leung which is a roll of fried dough wrapped with rice noodles still had a nice crunch and the rice noodle was silky smooth and delicious. jia long rice noodles happy chef dim sum We also ordered a bowl of congee which turned out to be enormous – enough for at least 3 people or 2 very hungry diners. All in all it was a great dim sum experience and was not very expensive. We actually tried the place next door on an earlier trip for my friend’s wedding last year and I would say Happy Chef is a little better in quality and service.

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  • i got to happy chef too. i wish they had photos next to the menu because i was trying to look for those fried glutenous golden football shaped items with minced pork inside, instead i got something else.

    places call things differently. i picked the wrong item thinking it was something else. 🙁

    i liked their congee too. i took lots of it home for later.

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