Happy Birthday Axl Rose ! Hop On The Night Train (re post)

Happy Birthday Axl Rose ! Hop On The Night Train (re post)

A repost of Night Train in honor of the great Axl Rose’s bday (originally posted April 10, 2005)

Night Train Express +
Brass Monkey +
Alize’ Wine Alcohol +
Menthol Cigs :
= A great night but a horrible day after.

On the way to a friendly game of Texas Hold’em Poker at Martin’s, Jeff and I stopped by a liquor store on Mira Mesa Blvd (San Diego) – just past Black Mountain Road near the Jack in the Box. We were trying to decide on what types of beers to pick up when Jeff spotted the MD 20/20 (Mad Dog) Right next to it were 2 other classics. Night Train Express and Thunderbird.

night train express and Thunderbird  wine alcohol

Basically it went downhill from there.

First all, to really know Night Train Express Alcohol is to listen to the insightful lyrics of Axl Rose of Guns and Roses about this legendary street wine.

night train express wine alcohol. . . Loaded like a freight train
Flyin’ like an aeroplane
Speedin’ like a space brain
One more time tonight

I’m on the nightrain
And I’m lookin’ for some
I’m on the nightrain
So’s I can leave this slum
I’m on the nightrain
And I’m ready to crash an’ burn
Bottoms up
I’m on the nightrain
Fill my cup
I’m on the nightrain

Whoa yeah
I’m on the nightrain
Love that stuff
I’m on the nightrain
An I can never get enough
Ridin’ the nightrain
I guess I
I guess, I guess, I guess I never learn . . .

Priced at $1.99, Night Train Express is powerful wine alcohol made of cheap red wine with toxic sulfites. Don’t let the 17.5% alcohol content fool you, once you drink Night Train Express you’re on a one way express train ride to severe stupidity and stumbling drunkenness. Once you unleash this beast, there’s no going back to sanity or soberness for some time. Yeah Axl, I guess I never learn.

At this fine liquor store establishment were other street wine classics such as Alize’ and Brass Monkey which we were delighted to pickup to accompany the Night Train.

The Lineup

The entertainment line up for the poker party was as follows (I don’t know why the Thunderbird or MD20/20 didn’t make it) – Sorry no Newports for whatever reason.:
brass monkey night train alize menthol cigarettes

The Taste

I would have to say the alize’ tasted the “best” of the three. “Hit Em Up” Tupac! The brass monkey was kind of like sour gatorade and the night train was like a sweetened vinegar with an Everclear like throat numbing aftertaste.
Night Train Express Wine AlcoholOne interesting note about Night Train is that it specifically states on the bottle to Serve very cold . I guess this is to ensure that you don’t taste the vile aftertaste of the cheap wine (it is definitely more “palatable” cold than warm) I would never recommend anyone to drink Night Train at room temperature for sure. Doesn’t it look great next to the Tabasco and Kraft Mayo?

Needless to say I don’t remember much after wards. I played horribly at poker that night, lost everything, and had an epic hangover the next day. There was one kid there named Denver and he showed us all how it was done. Here’s a picture of him killing off a bottle of Brass Monkey. I heard latter on that he was supposed to wake up at 6Am for work the next day but didn’t crawl out till the afternoon.
Denver killing a bottle of Brass Monkey
The Man Denver Killing Off A Bottle of Brass Monkey.

Who’s bringing the Thunderbird, Cisco and MD 20 next week?

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