Hahm Ji Bach Korean BBQ Restaurant Flushing Bayside Queens NY

Hahm Ji Bach Korean BBQ Restaurant Flushing Bayside Queens NY

hahm ji bach korean bbq flushing queens new york

21022 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 279-9289
My sister and her fiancé go out to Korea Town all the time and most recently they’ve ventured out to Flushing thanks to access to a friend’s car. He swears Hahm Ji Bach is one of the best Korean BBQ in the NY area. Having grown up in Korea and LA, I took his word for it and last Sat we all checked it out. Having a car definitely helps getting to Hahm Ji Bach but you can take the LIRR to the Murray Hill stop (subway in Flushing is much further away).
hahm ji bach korean bbq flushing queens new york
On the street are several other Korean BBQ and Chinese restaurants and the smells of the food is intoxicating. Hahm Ji Bach, squeezed between a noodle place and another restaurant, is crowded that night. We step in from the brisk fall night and welcome the warm smoky interiors as we wait for our table among the hungry crowds. Finally after bargaining in Korean, Mike is able to get us a larger table in the back (they originally wanted to put us at a smaller table or down in the basement).
We started with 2 slabs of pork belly. It’s BBQ’d on a hot iron plate that is tilted at a slight degree to allow the drippings to flow down cleverly into a receptacle below the plate. After about 5-10 mins, the waitress came by and cut the pork into small bite sized pieces and we started to eat. It’s a savory, melt in your mouth, succulent piece of pork. Normally I have in wrapped in a piece of lettuce with garlic or thin slices of green onion but I discovered an alternatively delicious method – wrapping the meat inside of a thin slice of pickled radish. The vinegar really blends well with the spices and the smoky flavor. We then we moved on to the beef short ribs and finally the spicy pork.
Overall Hahm Ji Bach is an amazing Korean BBQ place. The meat is first grade and you can tell they take the time to properly marinate the meat. Normally I would have eaten a lot more but that day I but I actually spent the afternoon at Govenor’s Island at a disastrous Oktoberfest (I’ll blog about this later). Enjoy!!

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  • Actually, the Flushing Main Street stop on the LIRR is closer than Murray Hill. True, if you took the subway it would take longer but if you are willing to take the LIRR then definitely go to Flushing for some good food.

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