Gustomenta Gelato Ice Cream Beijing San Li Tun


24 Sanlitun Bar Street
Gelato Ice Cream Dessert, Sanlitun
Telephone: 6417-8890

A few years ago when I was living out in Beijing, San Li Tun bar street was just that – a street of bars and tourists (and annoying street hustlers offering massages). Personally I feel the real cool place was San Li Tun Nan Jie (the south end) of the bar street where you could go for a pint at Huxleys, buy some cheap dvds out of guy’s backpack at the Pure Girl bar or enjoy some food at Hidden Tree. Gustomenta Sadly it’s all gone now in the name of “progress”. The original San Li Tun bar street is still around (and so are the hustlers) but now it’s packed some trendy distractions. One of them is Gustomenta – a gourmet ice cream and dessert place right on the strip. Gustomenta is certainly an addition to San Li Tun that I can be happy about. Getting great gourmet ice cream / Gelato in Beijing is not easy – especially freshly made as they do here. They have an enourmous menu of home made flavors and the portions are quite nice. Apparently the story is that the chef and co-owner Luigi Vedovelli uses his wordly experience producing gelato from his hometown of Verona, Italy. Gustomenta He produces all of the gelato for Gustomenta in a space right behind the Loft a few blocks away.Gustomenta also offers free wireless internet and the coffee is quite good so it’s a great place to just hang out and relax especially during the brutally hot summers in Beijing. I was actually just in Beijing about 3 weeks ago and Gustomenta is already expanding its space. Things happen quite fast in Beijing and I’m sure the next time I visit there will be some more additions to the San Li Tun area. We actually spent a lot of time down here so I’m going to be sharing more photos and posts of some cool places to eat and hang out down in this part of town.

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  • I remember going to San Li Tun in the 90’s to get cheese, there used to be one guy selling organic goat cheese and mozzarella. Doubt he’s managed to stay unless he’s moved upscale.

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