Grillstation 2002 РGreek Middle Eastern D̦ner in Cologne Germany

Grillstation 2002 – Greek Middle Eastern in Cologne Germany

grill station 2002 cologne germany

Roonstr. 25
Tel 0221/212728
Köln Germany

DSC_0330 As you know I love checking out the local street food wherever I travel. In California, you have to try the Mexican as you would the Tex Mex in Texas or the Carribean food in NY. In Germany there’s a large Turkish population so Döner and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes are quite easy to find. One of the places I tried was Greek with a German twist. The name of the place, Grillstation 2002, however was what really got me through the door. Not to mention that it was Gisa’s 2nd time there so we had to verify if the food during the day was as good as it was after a night of drinking. I got a standard gyro sandwich and she got the Currywurst with fries.


Currywurst, a popular German streetfood is just what it sounds like – a hot pork sausage served with a curry sauce made usually with a mixture of ketchup and curry powder. It’s usually served with a side of fries or bread.

You can find these Döner shops all over Cologne and they are the best way to get a quick and affordable meal. An average Döner shawarma is about 3-4 Euros. In Berlin, they are even cheaper ~ 1.5-3.0 Euro. Guten Appetit!

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