Great Peking Duck – Da Dong Beijing Restaurant

da dong beijing peking duck restaurant

Great Peking Duck – Da Dong Beijing Restaurant

Da Dong Roast Peking Duck Restaurant
Bldg. 3, Tuanjie Lake, Chaoyang District
Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

This post is long overdue. We went out to visit my friend Elmar in Beijing in Jan and after much fussing over which Peking Duck restaurant to go to we decided to try the fabulous Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant. It’s miles apart from the semi-ghetto-now-becoming-way-too-touristy Li Qun Peking Duck joint that I wrote about a long time ago. I would still go back to Li qun anyday, but I wanted to experience Da Dong since it’s one of those ultra way over the top Beijing Chinese restaurants that go the full 9 yards. First off, it not only has the sexy qi po dressed hostesses at the door but it also has a few security guards ( in case some black market mafia / politician pulls up in their new Audi ).

da dong peking duck restaurantChinese resaurants love to showcase their prowess. The chef has received multiple awards from government officials and there’s a gallery of photos of him next to the premier, presidents from around the world, and celebrities. It’s one of the things I loved when I lived out in Beijing – you can dine and party at these ultra elite places minus the attitude and pay a reasonable price. [By the way if you are not familiar with the ridiculous degree of showcasing that goes on in Chinese busineses – check out one of the most hillarious posts I’ve ever read and videos I’ve ever watched on Cha Xiu Bao Blog]

We started off with some delicate dishes such as the Huang Gua dish – which is pickled cucumbers served with chili oil. We also ordered some random dish that I forget but these little puff pastry ducks on the side of the dish are hillarious. I actually ate one of those ducks and was surprised to find that they were filled with a tasty sesame paste.

The Peking Duck Extravaganza

You can get Peking duck all over Beijing and it will normally cost you around 38 – 60 Yuan per duck ( $8-9 USD ). The difference is whether the restaurant uses an electric stove or the traditional wooden stove to roast the peking duck. Here at Da Dong it’s over 100 Yuan but in my opinion you should try it cause it’s definitely worth it. Like Li Qun, they also roast their Peking ducks in a wood burning oven.

peking duck - da dong restaurant beijingMidway through our meal, they wheeled in our Peking duck on a cart and a master chef carved it right before our eyes. The meat was roasted just right and served immediately. We rolled our duck wraps in the flour pancakes and enjoyed some really great Peking duck. I have yet to try the famous Peking duck restaurant over on He Ping Men which is supposedly the city’s best but I can’t imagine the duck getting any better than this. peking duck beijing – da dong restaurant

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