Goji Gourmet’s Guilt Free Cookies!

Goji Gourmet’s Guilt Free Cookies!

Goji Gourmet Cookies


So apparently you CAN make AND eat your cake (or cookie in this case). Introducing the super antioxidant, protein infused, preservative free, low calorie, mostly organic, and super delicious Goji Berry Cookies!

Over the summer I took a strategy consulting class at Columbia and for our project we worked with the founder and CEO (Chief Epicurian Officer) Allison Jagtiani on developing a market strategy for her new line of heatly + delicious cookies. With only a half baked (sorry) idea, she quit her finance job at UBS and started her business just this spring and already she’s been featured in USA Today, VitalJuice Blog, and SkinnyAndTheCity blog. To keep up with demand, she’s expanded her distribution to 3 stores here in NY.

About Goji Berries
The cookies are delicious, but the added bonus is the Goji Berries. I grew up in a Chinese household and remember having medicinal soups brewed with herbs and goji berries. Only about the size of raisins, Goji Berries offer an amazing 8 times the amount of antioxidants as pomegrantes and 10 times the amount in blueberries. Seriously put your POM juice down and try these cookies!

All Goji Gourmet cookies are still handmade and are produced bite-sized cookies in four very interesting flavors: Almond Oat, Cherry Cacao, Ginger Walnut, and Orange Mint Chip.

I had a great time in this class and Allison’s successful home based business is truly inspiring. You can try her line of cookies at the following locations in NYC (or go online and order a bag today!):

Amish Market
731 Ninth Avenue (49th Street)
New York, NY 10019

Earth Matters Organic Market
177 Ludlow Street (Houston Street)
New York, NY 10002

Westerly Natural Market
913 Eighth Avenue (54th Street)
New York, NY 10019

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