Go RAW One Lucky Duck Restaurant – New Years Health Standard Process Cleanse Diet (Day 6)

Go RAW One Luck Ducky Restaurant – New Years Health Standard Process Cleanse Diet (Day 6)

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I got a little frustrated browsing the vegetarian and vegan cookbook section at Strand because most of the books called for a lot of tofu, seitan and pasta which are all not allowed on the diet. Then I came across a book with the skinny blonde chick drinking a fruit shake on the cover. My first impression was this was some trendy diet book and laughed until I opened the book to a page with a recipe for Watermelon, Heirloom Tomato, and Herb salad. Hey this looks awesome and it’s totally in line with the cleanse diet! Next I flipped to a recipe for Avocado Soup with Blood Orange and Mango Salsa which also looked amazing and was also kosher for the diet! I not only bought the book, but we ended up going to her Pure Food and Wine Restaurant on 54 Irving Pl. When we found out they are only open for dinner, we went around the corner to the smaller take out restaurant at E17th Street at Irving Place.

one lucky duck RAW restaurant ny

One Lucky Duck RAW Take Out Restaurant
125 1/2 E 17th Street (at Irving Place)
212 – 477 7151

It’s a tiny little shack with 3 small tables, but they serve almost everything out of the book. We ended up getting a seaweed vegetable salad with wakame, carrots, beets and sesame-scallion dressing as well as plate of the spicy Thai lettuce wraps (mango, pea shoot, carrot, savoy cabbage, cashews and tamarind sauce. We weren’t sure if neither sesame nor cashews are allowed for the diet so we tried to pick them out. Otherwise this was a revelation for our Standard Process liver cleanse diet! This book and the restaurant are awesome. Stay tuned for recipes from the book.

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  • Hey thanks for the nice post! 🙂 came up in google alerts on pure food and wine. We’re going to open up for lunch soon too in the main dining room, so will be more than just the three little tables. And we just opened a One Lucky Duck in Chelsea Market. Hope you like the book… Cheers!! Sarma

    • Hi Sarma, your book is AWESOME! It’s made our lives a lot easier for this liver cleanse diet. Some people actually said they noticed ‘the glow’ as well. We are actually going to be dining tonight at Pure Food and Wine – looking forward to it!

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