Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints Samoas Tagalongs

girl scout cookies thin mints samoas tagalongs

Well it’s that time of year again and it’s time to load up on the girl scout cookies. We got our shipment today at the office and here are 3 sample packages.

Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies – Tasty cookies topped with real peanut butter and covered with chocolate coating.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies – Extra thin wafer covered with smooth cocoa coating for those who love the taste of chocolate. Flavored with natural peppermint.

Samoas Girl Scout Cookies- Tender vanilla cookies, covered with caramel on top and bottom, rolled in toasted coconut, and striped with a rich, chocolaty coating.

They also have a bunch of other Girl Scout Cookie flavors but these are the only ones that people ordered at the office. I personally like the original thin mints Girl Scout Cookies the best. They go well with coffee, milk or just plain.

If you aren’t from the USA and aren’t familiar with these cookies check out the girl souts site

The main objective of selling Girl Scout Cookies is two-fold:

1) Generate revenue for the girl scouts
2) Teach skills in sales?

Pretty clever marketing if you think about it because most of the time it’s the Dad or Mom that brings in the ordersheet to the office and people load up on the Girl Scout Cookies. They also only do it once a year so you don’t get tired of Girl Scout Cookies. This is so much better than the crap that I had to sell when I was in the cub scouts or boy scouts. I think it was like a sheet of coupons or something for $10.00 each sheet. That was the worst.

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