German Modern ‘Robinhood’ Robs Gourmet Food For Needy

Robinhood Gang Robs Gourmet Food For Poor

Just saw this post on Boing-Boing yesterday. It’s hillarious. A gang of anti establishment thieves in Hamburg Germany rob expensive food such as 100 euro / lb Kobe beef from high end restaurants and markets to give to the poor.

The gang members dress up in costumes and cause chaos running through stores pilaging buffet stands, meat counters and the like. They claim to donate all of their gourmet booty to Hartz IV recipients who are described as the poorest of Germany’s long-term unemployed.

Police say this gang is connected in someway with the “Hamburg in Vain” group made of a loose collection of anarchists. That group is also behind a black market cinema movie ticket distribution system that also benefits the poor. The crime is politically motivated but done with a certain panache reminiscent of those 60s TV BatMan Villains.

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