Fuji Bakery Chinese Restaurant 叉烧汤面 Cha Xiu Tang Mian Garment District NY

Fuji Bakery Chinese Restaurant Garment District NY

Fuji Bakery Chinese Restaurant Garment District 35th bet 7th and 8th ny ny

Fuji Bakery Inc
224 W 35th St (Between 7th and 8th Ave)
Garment District New York
(212) 629-7588

Who says you have to go to Chinatown to get good Chinese in NYC? I’ve been working in the Garment District for 6 months now and I am loving the authentic ethnic food choices. Ok, for those who have gone to Fuji, you’re probably laughing at me because it looks like a typical run down fast food-high-msg take out place. It is, but the secret my friend is the menu. Order from the menu and you’ll be amazed. Don’t be tempted by the steaming buffet food trays behind the display case – that’s most likely yesterday’s leftover food.

For example, I got a huge bowl of Cha Xiu Tang Mian 叉烧汤面(BBQ Pork Noodle Soup) for just $4.95 including tax. The pastries (it’s a bakery after all) are also pretty legit. Basically you can’t lose if you order from the menu. The buffet line stuff, I would avoid but overall I like Fuji a lot. Enjoy!

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