Fresh Sugar Cane – Streets of China – Near Zhong San

"fresh sugarcane" sugarcane

Fresh Sugar Cane – Streets of China Near Zhong San

China trip continued ( Macau into China )

So during our trip into China from Macau we passed through a city named Zhong San. It’s a town that was renamed after the famous revolutionary Sun Yat Sen (he was born in a tiny town not too far from here). You’d expect huge monuments and grand boulevards on this town but it’s actually not anything really spectacular – maybe that’s the way he would have wanted it. It’s got a small downtown with a few highrise office buildings, some banks, restaurants, a few large hotels (built in the 80s), and of course a few neon lit clubs/bars/KTVs. At night, the streets are pretty empty and quiet save the thumping bass from some underground club. "fresh sugarcane" sugarcaneEvery now and then you’ll see a pack of local kids riding down the streets with their tricked out scooters. Surrounding this town are vast farmlands and factories. We passed through sugar cane fields, cornfields, ricefields, pineapple fields, strawberry fields, and even fish farms. We saw all kinds of American assembly factories as well proudly displaying thier ISO # in bold letters and numbers along with some sort of proud Chinese statement about quality, future, commerce, etc. We stopped at a roadside stand and got some fresh sugar cane. The way it works is you walk up to a huge stockpile of sugar canes each about 4-5 feet tall. After picking one out, the woman takes a machete and hacks away at it right before your eyes. She cuts it down to 8 inch pieces and hands it to you wrapped with a plastic bag. Then just chew and suck the sweet sugary juices from the cane. Simple and sweet. Just the way Sun Yat Sen would have liked it I suppose.

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