Fresh Donuts at Doughnut Plant – Lower East Side New York

Fresh Donuts at Doughnut Plant – Lower East Side New York

doughnut plant lower east side new york

379 Grand St
Lower East Side New York
Open Tues-Sun (closed Mon) from 6:30 AM till all donuts are sold out ~5/7pm (no stale ones for tomorrow!)

A few weeks ago I embarked on a Banh Mi making quest after having lunch with some friends. That same day on the way home my friend Leah Kim introduced me to the Doughnut Plant.

It’s evil.
It’s amazing.
You have to fucking try this shit. NOW

Doughnut Plant features completely fresh doughnuts made everyday with a variety funky flavors such as Creme Brulee, Toasted Almond, Raspberry, Peanut Butter glaze with raspberry jam, and valrhona chocolate. Eventhough they use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no trans fat, no artificial flavorings, and no eggs, you’d never guess because these doughnuts are probably the best you’ll ever enjoy.

doughnut plant lower east side new yorkMany donuts are made with the old school method using yeast which makes for a richer and more flavorful dough. Doughnut plant is the end product of a legacy of family baking traditions starting from 1910. The bakery has been around since 1994 and at its current location since 2000. Can’t get down to the LES? You can enjoy Doughtnut Plant donuts at Dean and Deluca and also 9 locations in Japan! Needless to say, even on full stomachs from the noodles we had at lunch we still managed to have 2 donuts. The creme brulee was a definite hit. Enjoy!

hmmmmm, maybe I should try to make my own doughnuts too???

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  • I can’t believe it took you this long to go to the Doughnut Plant. Definitely one of my favorite places in NYC. Season flavors are always a treat. Why it can have 9 locations in Japan but none in LA makes me sad!!

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