Freemans Restaurant Bar NY Lower East Side

Freemans Restaurant Bar NY Lower East Side

Freeman Alley off of Rivington bet Chrystie and Bowery

Wandering down a dark alley in NY can lead to 2 possible outcomes : getting robbed/killed or discovering an unmarked cool, new hotspot. Knock on wood, I haven’t encountered the former but I’ve discovered a hell of a lot of new places by simply doing the latter. Maybe it’s the anticipation or the trepidation that cranks up the dial on the coolness factor and on top of that of course is the exclusivity and bragging rights for being in the know. Such is the case of Freeman’s located in Freeman alley (off of Rivington between Bowery and Christie). If you still don’t know where this is after describing the streets, don’t feel bad because Freeman Alley only has 2 businesses – one of them being the restaurant/bar. Check out my Food Blog Mashup

I first discovered Freeman’s after having a few beers at the German beer garden across the street. It was cold winter evening, one of those where you would rather stay in the cozy confines of a brewery than strolling about the icy streets. But I kept noticing people going in and out of the alley across the street. So it compelled me to check it out and that’s how I discovered Freemans. Besides the location, the interior of Freemans is also somewhat mysterious – described as a taxidermist’s shop with showcasing a hunter’s bounty of trophies – stuffed deer heads, antlers, birds in display cases, and framed vintage hunting manuscripts and etchings. Overall, I would say a hunter’s lodge is the best way to describe it. Think of it this way – it could be the middle of summer with blistering heat outside but once you enter Freeman’s you feel as if you’ve trekked in down a snowy path in the midst of winter and into a warm respite replete with a glowing fireplace and raucous crowd (quite loud in case you are planning on making it a romantic endeavor).

The food menu is described as Irish/English and I verified this with an English coworker. To start, try the Devil hoppers (prunes stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon – weird but good) or the Wild Boar Terrine pate’ -also weird but great. For main dish, I had the Wild Striped Bass filet which was broiled and served over a bed of greens (I believe I tasted tiny bits of Chinese broccoli or Gai Lan), a few edame beans and ham. It was delicious. For dessert I had the hot chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream (always a winner and no disappointment here). They also have a rose flavored ice cream, but to me it was kind of like a watered down vanilla with fake rose flavoring? Freeman’s also serves lunch and features a great bar selection. Since they only take reservations for parties of 6 or more, I suppose having a few pints at the bar is the defacto thing to do while you wait for your table. I’ll be seeing you at the back {of Freeman} alley!

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