Vacation in Bermuda – Beaches Food Drink

Vacation in Bermuda

Vacation in Bermuda – Beach Food Drink

We took off a few days last weekend for a short vacation out in Bermuda. Although it’s not technically a caribbean island, Bermuda has all the nice beaches, weather and it’s only a 2 hour flight from New York. (Jet Blue just started a service too). The beaches at Bermuda were incredible – not crowded, non-touristy, casino-free, and clean.

art mels fish sandwiches bermuda

Art – Mels Fish Sandwiches Bermuda

As soon as we got in a cab we asked our cab driver about great local food and he recommended Art Mels. It was on the way so he made a call and ordered us their special fish sandwich. It’s a deep fried fish filet served on a large cuts of raisin bread smoothered with mayo and tar tar sauce. Spicy fries are served on the side. As with most local places, there wasn’t a sign on the outside of Art Mels, yet there were crowds of people inside waiting for the food. I remember there was just this one guy at the counter trying to defray all these anxious hungry customers. art mels fish sandwich bermuda His gleaming gold toothed smile did the trick and it was then that I just realized I was now on Bermuda “island time”. Although our cabbie called in our order 15 minutes ahead we still ended up waiting for another 20 minutes. The fish sandwich was worth the wait however. I would recommend going to Art Mels but unfortunately I don’t really remember how to get there – the island of Bermuda is quite small though and I’m sure if you ask any of the local Bermudians they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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  • We were in Bermuda in 2006 and LOVED Art Mels!!! I have never had a fish sandwich like this in my life. Just amazing. Last week two friends of mine took a Bermuda cruise. I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I did a google search and found your review. Thank you so much. They went to Art Mels twice while they were there and can’t stop talking about it. Thanks again for your post.

  • Ignore the weed dealers about 100 feet away…but do that BEFORE you go to Art Mel’s…ey baye, wachoo com herr fo?! Get the “Boxhead” special…with cole slaw on the sandwich! After…drive down ‘nee heel ta shelly bai ‘n eat yrr food thrr baye. Reew gooood shrrr.

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