Foo Shing Noodles – Extreme Makeover! Chinatown NY

Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop

2 East Broadway
212-925 5425
Chinatown New York

My sister and her husband were in town last week and over the weekend, I took them to Fu Shing 88 in Chinatown to try out some fresh hand made noodles. Expecting the crowd at the usual little hole in wall noodle joint, I was quickly surprised to find what amounts to be an extreme makeover project! Way to go Foo Shing 88 Noodles! Ok, so I’d love to take credit for this as I was the one who submitted the post over 2 years ago on Oct 19 2005, then was linked by a few days later and finally by Robyn AKA The Girl Who Ate Everything. So as a result of the media and publicity of these 3 food blogs, I’m SURE that the increase in customers has contributed to the welfare of this fine noodle establishment.

So here’s the before:

Here’s The New Pimp My Foo Shing Noodles Shop :
foo sing 88 hand pulled noodles chinatown new york

With a nice English Menu (no more Chinese charaters on cardboard here!):
foo sing 88 hand pulled noodles chinatown new york

The fresh hand pulled noodles are still great. I’d recommend the house special which has a combination of 3 meats. The Dan Dan / zha zha mian is still better over at Fu Zhou Noodles (no renovations yet at Fu Zhou).

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