Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop NY

foo shing hand fresh noodle shop ny

Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop

2 East Broadway
212-925 5425
Chinatown New York

Borrowing Sing’s camera for this one. Been kind of on a noodle binge for the past few weeks trying to check out the best noodle joints in Chinatown. There’s the Hong Kong Noodle Station which serves the fast food Cantonese style noodles and then there’s one of my favorites Excellent Pork Chop House. But recently we’ve been lurking around the eastern side of Chinatown (east of Bowery) and found this tiny hole in the wall joint Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop. In Chinese the sign reads la mian dian which means pulled noodle shop or fresh noodle shop. It’s the real deal yo.
fresh hand made noodles chinatown new york
They aren’t kidding around with the noodles either, there’s a guy in the back of the shop that makes the noodles by hand. You can’t get any fresher than this. I used to enjoy these at the Tsing Hua University cafeteria where you can watch the guy make a fresh batch of noodles every day. The way they do it is short of amazing to me – they take the dough and stretch it with their hands and then bounce it up and down on the table to flex out the noodle pastry. Each time stretching the noodle pastry into smaller strands (like you would play with yarn in a cat’s cradle game).
fresh wonton noodles with beef tendons
Then finally on the table the noodles are cut and thrown into the boiling hot water to be cooked. The Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop has somewhat of a northern Chinese style that can be eaten slightly spicy. The bowls of noodles here are a little more pricey than the Hong Kong station or Excellent Pork Chop House, but you pay for the fresh ingredients and it’s well worth it. That night we got a bowl of pork wontons (probably handmade) with noodles and a bowl of wontons with beef tendons. Will definitely come back here to try out the other selections on the menu.

3 thoughts on “Foo Shing Hand Fresh Noodle Soup Shop NY”

  • I have yet to eat at any fresh noodle house in Chinatown…or anywhere. Strangely, I must have passed this place innumerable times, yet I don’t recall ever seeing it. Oops. I wanna go there now!

  • That is so cool, but im just saying, if anyone knows about naruto the ramem there is also handmade, and made the same way.

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