Floridita Cuban Restaurant Harlem NY

floridita cuban restaurant ny

Floridita Cuban Restaurant Harlem NY

3219 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
(212) 662 – 0090
Take the 1 train or the M4 Bus to 125.

I know – Lots of Cuban posts recently and here’s one more to the pile. Floridita Cuban restaurant is one of those once a hole in the wall, now going upscale restaurants in Harlem. You know what I’m talking about – when a great successful restaurant with lots of customers recreates its brand and expands. Think Sylvias or Amy Ruth’s – both also in Harlem. Hey Amy Ruth’s has a fricking floridita cuban restaurant ny velvet rope on the side walk for the purposes of crowd control for crying out loud. Floridita has a new expanded Spanish Tapas lounge room next door. I have to say though, it can be a gamble when restaurants do this – they risk alienating their core local clientele at the expense of the new gentrified folks. I suppose they kind of did it right with this one by putting in the Tapas place next door eventhough floridita cuban restaurant ny it’s still under the same roof and management. As for the food at Floridita the prices are still reasonable – you can get an authentic Cubano sandwich for just $3.75 We ordered the Pollo Arroz for $8.95 (chicken and rice) and it was enourmous (what is it with these cuban restaurants I’ve been going to lately?) It is served in a large casserole pan and the waiter scoops out the rice and chicken onto your plate. Needless to say we had leftovers for 2 additional meals after stuffing ourselves. I also ordered the Chuleta al Horno (baked pork chops) for $8.95. It’s baked and served under a bed of grilled carmelized onions and comes with a large side of rice and beans. Again, plenty of left overs. Because Floridita is open early and closes late (maybe open 24 hours?) they have an extensive breakfast menu, dinner and late night snack selection – not to mention a featured special for each day of the week. Check it out my friend – it’s still totally worthwhile.

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