Flavor Tang – Beijing Airport -> SES China

Beijing Airport Food Flavor Tang

Flavor Tang Beijing Airport Food ( on the way to SES China )

We were on the way to attending SES China in Nanjing and stopped by the Flavor Tang. Yeah that’s the name. I am assuming the tang is the same tang in Chinese which means court so Flavor Tang in this case would be a cooler name than just generic Food Court. The logo of the guy on the sign is pretty cool too – an inverted rice bowl on his head.
Flavor Tang a 2 tier food court in this case one which is buffet style and the other is waiter service. We didn’t have much time so we went the buffet route. Here’s a snapshot of some of the dishes available at Flavor Tang Buffet:
Beijing Airport Food Flavor Tang

I chose 2 dishes along with my white rice – Stir fried wintermellon and pork Beijing Airport Food Flavor Tang. Turned out to be a good choice with some home style flavor.

Also had the Chinese Brocolli with Mushrooms and Tofu
Beijing Airport Food Flavor Tang

The Tofu in this case is a spongier tofu and is stir fried with a thick gravy to give it the taste of beef. i.e. fake beef. It’s a lot better than the fake beef I get at Yips in midtown Manhattan. All in all the food hit the spot on our way to attending SES China in Nanjing last Friday.

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