Flavia Teas – New Flavors : Exotic Chai, White Tea and Orange, Blueberry

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Flavia Teas – New ones : Exotic Chai, White Tea and Orange, Blueberry

So if you work at a corporate office, you’re probably familiar with Flavia coffee makers. It’s a machine that you put in these individual packets of coffe and it brews and dispenses your drink for you in about 30 seconds. The coffee is quite watery and awful – the trick is to put it on ‘espresso’ mode. The teas on the otherhand are not bad. I was really into the Japanese Green tea for awhile and just last week we got new flavors:

White Tea and Orange
If you are anyone cool, you know ‘white’ tea is the new ‘green’ tea. The orange is what makes this nice and the caffeine levels are lot more manageable than the green.

Exotic Chai
I would give this an OK but actually it’s not as bad as I thought. I would rather it be a little more spicy and less sweet. Definitely need whole milk or half n half to make this complete.

A little on the strange side, I still need to try this one out a few more times. It’s also a little watery and adding milk or cream is not going to work.

Ok so that’s a 5 min view into the small pleasures of working at a corporate office. I just heard they are having beers and pizza in a conference room now. Have a nice weekend!

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