Five Front Restaurant and Bar Dumbo Brooklyn NY

five front restaurant bar dumbo brooklyn

Five Front Restaurant and Bar Dumbo Brooklyn NY

5 Front Street (near Grimaldi’s Pizza)

Went out for some brunch in Dumbo last weekend. It was finally a beautiful weeekend and not too hot. We walked down to the River Front Cafe right on the fulton landing next to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory but they weren’t serving five front restaurant bar dumbo brooklyn brunch on Saturdays. Grimaldi’s was already forming a line and it was only 10:30AM – it doesn’t open till 11. That’s crazy. Next door is a tapas place called Toro’s which looks half decent – they also have a dance floor upstairs and a ladies night special 1/2 off all drinks. Need to go check that out someday.

five front restaurant bar dumbo brooklyn Five Front has a really relaxing outdoor patio space which is exactly what we were looking for. I ordered an eggs benedict with salmon instead of Canadian Bacon which I guess technically it’s called a Oeuffs Norvegienne but I’m not French or anything so whatever. Sing ordered a plate of mixed berry waffles which comes with some nicely glazed slices of banana. The eggs were a little over poached and the yolk didn’t really run out but the home fries were pretty good and so was the smoked salmon.

I guess it’s still the calm before the storm – there arent any heavy hitters in DUMBO yet. Down on Water St – there’s the Water St Cafe, a Bakery, the Jacques Torres Chocolate Factory, and on Main Street there’s Bubba’s or whatever it’s called and over on Front Street there’s the cafe next to the hardware store that isn’t always open, Superfine and of course Pedro’s. Is that a good thing or is it not? I’m not one to complain, I like DUMBO being a quiet industrial residential post art loft neighborhood. The strange thing is that Dumbo kind of skipped the whole gentrification stage – there was no one to gentrify (unless you count the projects over on York). It’s just a lot of raw industrial warehouses, noisy bridges and parks with beautfiul views of downtown manhattan. Who can complain?

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