Febo Automat Amsterdam РKaassouffl̩

Febo Automat Amsterdam РKaassouffl̩

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Location : All over Amsterdam…

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Febo Automats are quick, easy and everywhere in Amsterdam. But besides the novelty of the automat machine, I’m thinking there’s an unspoken reason for the popularity of these ‘restaurants’. Stoners. Think about it, near every coffee shop is an automat, and what’s more convenient than a place that serves warm greasy food instantly? No lines or wait, no menus to read, nobody to even have to talk to. Just pop your euro coins into the slot and out comes your snack hot and piping. (BTW, be sure to use exact change cause Febo automats will rob you of any excess coins). Here in NY, you check out the Bamn Automat on St Marks in the East Village.

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The Kaassoufflé
My recommendations for Febo include the fries in the back (you’ll have to talk to the attendant) and the Kaassoufflé (deep fried cheese). Basically anything deep fried is good, well except maybe the deep fried scorpions I had in China that didn’t taste like anything. The cheese in Kaassoufflé is deep fried in a thick crunchy bread batter so you get the crunch and then the goo. Nice isn’t it? Enjoy!

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