Famous Red Velvet Cake – Cake Man Raven Brooklyn NY. (Brooklyn Wins!)

Red Velvet Cake – Cake Man Raven Brooklyn NY

708 Fulton Street
Fort Greene Brooklyn
Open 7 Days 9-10PM
A few blocks from the Atlantic Subway Stop

I heard about the famous Red Velvet Cake of Cake Man Raven about a year ago from a special segment on Cakes on the Food Network. At that time I was living up in Harlem and couldn’t motivate to get my ass down to Brooklyn. But now that I live down in Brooklyn, I really don’t have an excuse and damn do I regret not trying out The Cake Man Raven’s Red Velvet Cake earlier. First off it’s got all the awards from various sources (probably in the damn Zagat’s too). Usually I don’t pay attention to these awards because often times they are more hype than truth. For example, Lombardi’s Pizza – it’s good but I’d prefer a slice from Grimaldi’s anyday.

Back to Red Velvet Cake – I went to the Cake Man last weekend and to my surprise, it was a very unassuming place. Other than the nondescript banner pronouncing their victory for 2007 Best Cakes from Project By Project NY, there were just a few tables and chairs and no over-the-top display cases or trophies. It’s strictly business here. As I walked in, an employee carrying a massive sheet cake was walking out to his car for a delivery. Behind the counter they have 2 large cardboard boxes filled with individual slices of Red Velvet Cake in plastic countainers. Decision time: Choose a cake with or without pecans. I went with the upgrade and got a slice of the famous Red Velvet Cake with the pecans for a total of $6. Too much for a slice of red velvet cake? No, my friend you are wrong. You are definitely in for a surprise. This cake is worth every penny of its weight, and it is a hefty slice at that. Like a well marbled rib eye steak, you can cut into this blood red colored cake with a knife and fork and carve yourself a nice moist morsel. Or even use a spoon or your fingers to scoop out the heavenly frosting from the sides of the container. Either way you slice it, this is the best damn Red Velvet Cake I’ve had. I’m not even going to go back up to Harlem to make a comparison with Make My Cake The frosting is not overwhelmingly sweet like Make My Cake and the cake has enough flavor that it can stand up for itself. (Many times you get Red Velvet Cake and it’s just flavorless red colored cake that relies on the frosting for taste). My only complaint and a small one at that was that the cake was so good that I needed to have a side of coffee with it and they didn’t serve any coffee. I got my fix of Red Velvet Cake now – you should too. Can’t get to Brooklyn? I just got a tip that they’re going to serve their cake at Applebee’s.

Randomness:Hey what are you doing for Halloween? Check out this video for making your own Vampire Teeth – it’s hillarious!

4 thoughts on “Famous Red Velvet Cake – Cake Man Raven Brooklyn NY. (Brooklyn Wins!)”

  • I have tried a lot a lot of red velvet cake, but cake man is the best! The cake is so moist and the frosting is just right. The cake just melts in your mouth!!!

  • ii like MAKE MY CAKE frostin!!!!!
    bk is too far for sum cake but ii was at a party and they had some of this cake (ii heard it was hard to get they had to say that it was a party for jay-z to get it WTF!) however it was very good next time ii find my self out dere ill stop by
    after research: cake man is a kappa so of course he is going to have the best crimson red cake LOL

  • got the recipe for CakeMan Red Velvet from Foodnetwork.com and making it tonight for wife’s birthday tomorrow.

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