Faces and Names Bar – Midtown

Faces and Names Bar

159 W 54th Street (btw 6th and 7th Ave)
New York
212 586 9311

Haven’t discovered too many great places for drinks after work but our director took us out for drinks and food last night. This place is kind of a locals bar and its got these disfigured cariature paintings of famous actors and musicians like Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Sinead O Connor. We took over the back room near the fireplace and downed ridiculous amounts of alcohol. It was a small celebration for the launch of our pilot program of our product. I think the bar tab came out to over $1500 for just our small group. The bar food at Faces and Names was decent included calamari, chicken strips, cheese platters, etc. One of the product guys visiting bought a bottle of champaign and treated us with a few toasts. Later that night we went around the corner to Ray’s Pizzaria. Great after drinking food to say the least.

One thing about partying with your coworkers + management is that you kind 0f have to watch what you drink cause it can get ugly. But what do you do when you manager’s boss and other managers are equally smashed? Do you go professional and maintain or do you blindly dive into a binge and enjoy the flow? It’s equally hard when all the drinks are free too. haha.

Going to get my camera looked at this weekend so look forward to posts with more interesting photos.

2 thoughts on “Faces and Names Bar – Midtown”

  • I err on the side of sobriety lest stuff slip out that wouldn’t come out of my mouth normally. In civilian life, I swear like a sailor but at work I am the soul of propriety, saying “My goodness!” and “Gosh.” So I try to keep it on the down low.

  • Ha, that’s great. We seem to work in the same neighborhood. My work
    crew can’t seem to escape the evil hands of the Irish pubs that riddle
    the midtown cross streets. Our regular hotspot is Rosie O’Gradys. Now
    my only thing is, would I choose to go there with friends ? No. But
    is it fun after work because all the bartenders know us and hook us up?

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