Excellent Pork Chop House – Chinatown

Excellent Pork Chop House

Excellent Pork Chop House

Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Doyers Street just off of Bowery
New York
212-791 7007

I think I just found another favorite Chinese noodle place in Chinatown. First off the name is pretty cheeky, “Excellent Pork Chop House” – in Chinese it says “hao wei dao” which means great tasting. Ironically though the pork chops are so -so. The noodles however are really fresh tasting. Either they make these noodles by hand or they buy them from someone that does. It reminds me of the fresh noodles I used to get at the Tsinghua University cafeteria in Beijing. It’s a different style from the Hong Kong Station Noodles these are less fast food noodles and more home made style. The broth is fresh chicken stock in fact some of the combination plates come with a bowl of chicken soup that has been boiled for hours and hours . When you go, ask for the picture menu ( I know this is horrible and touristy) but trust me the menu doesn’t really describe the dishes very well and the photos are not too bad. We ordered a bowl of the beef and a pork bowl of noodles with pickled sweet and sour vegetables. It was delicious and very inexpensive.
beef and pork noodles

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