Thai Cooking Class – Institute of Culinary Education ( ICE )

pad thai - institute of culinary education cooking class

Essentials of Thai Food Cooking Class
Institute of Culinary Education ( ICE )
New York NY

We had an excellent time last night at the Thai Cooking class. If you live in the NY area and enjoy cooking, I would highly recommend checking out the Institute of Culinary Education ( ICE ) for cooking classes. We took the Thai cooking class and learned how to make the following:

Thai Hot and Sour Soup w/ Shrimp (Tom Yam Soup)
Summer Rolls
Green Papaya Salad
Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Shrimp with Coriander and Chillies
Thai Green Chicken Coconut Curry
Pad Thai
Steamed Whole Fish with Tamarind Sauce
Tapioca Pudding with Young Coconut
Mango Sticky Rice

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Learn Authentic Thai Cooking – Quick and Easy

The best part of it is that you get to have a great gourmet dinner with wine and beer right after the dishes have been prepared. The class started off with the Chef giving us an introduction of the various ingredients for the recipies and then we were set free to cook. Our small class of 16 was split into 3 teams and were given a variety of recipies to prepare. In the beginning I was a little aprehensive about what I was doing, pad thai cookingafterall I was responsible for cooking my dish for the entire group. There was also some flashbacks to the chaos from my organic chemistry class in college – at one point someone burnt some of the chili paste and everyone was coughing for a few minutes. At the same time, as I was rushing around grabbing ingredients, I couldn’t help feel as if I was on the Iron Chef show trying to score a win for my team. In the end, The energy and excitement in the kitchen together with the fragrant aromas of Thai food made for a very enjoyable experience. The chef walked around and carefully answered our questions and gave demos on steaming fish, rolling summer rolls, grilling the satays, making peanut sauce, etc. Within a few hours we had prepared a very large banquet of classic Thai food plates.

For the photos, check out the flickr set here.

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