Empanada Mama NY

empanada mama on 9th ave

Empanada Mama

763 9th Ave At 51st St
New York 10019
Phone: 212-698-9008

Yes! Finally got my camera battery back. I’m officially back in Blog publishing again with photos. Went out to Empanada Mama last month over on 9th avenue (basically across the street from the Afghan Kebab restaurant and Island Burgers). Empanada Mama is a colorful boutique restaurant that specializes in all types of empanadas including the normal beef, pork and chicken as well as some gourmet non-fried baked. I got the “cubana” empanada which is roast pork. The empanadas are served in individual paper bags and stamped with your order and served in a basket along with a green and red hot sauce. It took almost 20 minutes before I got my order – maybe it was just a empanada mama cubanarush time or maybe it was because my empanada was baked and it takes longer. Anyways it was a pretty good empanada – the crust was baked to a golden brown and the roast pork was juicy and tender. The sauces made it even more delicious. Compared to Hilda’s empanadas up in Spanish Harlem, these empanadas are pretty authentic although a lot more expensive than Hilda’s $1 each handmades.

empanada mama cubana

2 thoughts on “Empanada Mama NY”

  • When I received the bill, I noticed that I had been overcharged for one of the items on the computer printed receipt. I showed this mistake to the manager and showed him the correct price visible on the large board. He REFUSED to correct the price and was low class enough to suggest I take the difference out of the poor waiter’s tip!!! I have never met a more dishonest and unsavory restaurant manager. The management here obivously does not care about their customers or their waitstaff.

  • I was going to try this place out because I absolutely LOVE empanadas, but after reading the response by NYCGourmand, I will refuse to go there. I don’t patronize places where there is poor customer service, and this place sounds like it’s beyond poor service. Dishonesty by anyone is a bad character flaw and I won’t support it in any form, but especially not with my hard-earned cash.

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