El Rincon Del Sabor – Ecuadorian Food W47th Street NY Midtown

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El Rincon Del Sabor – Ecuadorian Food W47th Street NY Midtown

74 W 47th Street 4th floor
(Diamond District – Bet 6th and 5th Ave)
tel 212 840 0101

To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you,
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you,
I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you,
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth….
-Shadowplay Joy Division 1979

I’ve written several posts about hidden restaurants and bars city such as Hagi or Freeman’s. There’s just something magical about dining in these obscure dark places – a private haven for great food. My coworker friend Katie recently introduced me to El Rincon Del Sabor after finding it on my buddy Zach’s Midtown Lunch Blog Like many nondescript restaurants and bars, it’s quite easy to miss El Rincon Del Sabor along the hustle and bustle of W47th Street. As we made an abrupt turn to entrace of the steps, a diamond peddler on the street exclaimed that this place was ‘Glatt Kosher’. I highly doubt that given the true authentic South American menu at El Rincon that includes dishes made of intestines, tripe, shrimp, cow feet, and grilled pork. Maybe he was referring to Dougie’s on the 2nd floor that supposedly has some wicked wings (need to go back and sample). Either way, if you don’t get lost or harrassed into buying some low grade black market stones on this street, you’ll be happily rewarded for your journey up the 4 flight walkup with a quiet, peaceful authentic Ecuadorian Restaurant. The menu changes everyday and most dishes are only $7 and they pile it on here. The first time I went, I tried the Guatita which is tripe with potatoes over rice. The sauce was amazing and the tripe and potatoes were great. The 2nd time I went I had the Churrasco or Beef Steak with Eggs and French Fries. It’s an interesting combination but it’s awesome believe me. They also throw in a hot dog / sausage on the side for fun. Check it out!

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