Dumont Burger Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Dumont Burger Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

dumont burger williamsburg brooklyn bedford ave ny

Dumont Burger
314 Bedford Ave @ S 1st
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

432 Union Ave
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

In search of the perfect burger.. so many great places, so little time. Seriously just in Williamsburg there’s quite a number of heavy contenders including Peter Luger’s, Leon’s Burger Hut, Relish, and Diner. Not so long ago, Dumont Burger opened up a 2nd location on Bedford and so far it’s been a phenomenal success. The interior is quite small, but they have ample outdoor sidewalk seating and it’s always crowded. It’s become kind of a scene to be honest but what on Bedford isn’t right? The burgers? Well at $12.50 each, they should be pretty good and they are. 1/2 lb of high quality meat, served on a fresh brioche bun, bib lettuce and tomato. Includes an order of fries or salad, but cheese is $1 extra. They also have a daily specials such as the pork rib sandwich ($6), or a grilled chicken sandwiches. Full beer menu and plenty on tap. See you at DB!

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