Do Rae Mi Korean Food Restaurant San Diego, CA

Korean at Doe Rae Mi – Clairmont Mesa Blvd

After winning $200 in Beer pong at the office (of which Sunil only admits to playing 1/2) Martin decided to celebrate with a meal at a Korean joint named Do Rae Mi. (Does that mean anything in Korean??) I went along for the fun.

When we walked into the restaurant, the hostess greeted us with the traditional “ahnyong hasseo” (means hello and goodbye) and I instinctively replied with ahnyong hasseo. However she called me out and asked me bunch of questions in Korean which I had no idea what she was talking about. HAHA!

I’m not Korean or anything anyhow but it was funny. I was however able to recall a few other phrases though latter on like “yogi-yo” which mean “excuse me, please come over” and “mah she ta” which means it’s delicious. Anyways, I think she just chalked it up as 2 random weird asian guys being weird which we were in many ways.

Anyhow I ordered the Japchae:
japchae korean
which was really good.
and Martin had the TieBanNiuRou (sizzling beef platter):

The Kim chee was also very spicy and great:

I still don’t understand why is Korean food so expensive though. It was so cheap and good in WuDaoKou area in Beijing.

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