Dim Sum A Go Go NY – To go or not to go?

dim sum a go go

Dim Sum A Go Go – To go or not to go?

Dim Sum A Go Go
5 E. Broadway
New York, NY 10038
(Between Catherine St. and Chatham Sq.)

Last weekend I organized a dim sum gathering for my coworkers. I had planned on taking up one table at Jing Fong or Golden Bridge but a large number of the Dim Sum contingency couldn’t make it for various reasons. We decided on dim sum a go go changing the venue and walked down Bowery to Dim Sum A Go Go. I had been there many years before with some of my friends and found this restaurant interesting – it’s got a lot of the signs of a touristy place: NY Times reviews, Zagat placcards, NY Daily, etc. But hey it’s been awhile since I checked this place out and it was convenient for 4 people. From the name Dim Sum A Go Go, you might expect this to be a rapid fast food joint like the Hong Kong Noodle station, but in fact there is ample dining space with a 2nd floor to boot. Yeah but how’s the food, dim sum a go go right? We ordered most of the classic dim sum dishes such as Har Gow, Beef Rice Noodles, shrimp dumplings, and chicken feet which were all quite delicious. They didn’t have any congee though which was a little disappointing. But Dim Sum menu aside, the main difference is of course the atmosphere. If you want to experience the true chaotic and boisterious environment of a typical Chinese Dim Sum parlour, don’t go here. If you’re expecting ladies strolling by your table pushing steamed carts of Dim Sum, don’t go here. But if you want a more quiet atmosphere to sit down and enjoy some treats with friends and actually RELAX and HEAR your friends, this is a great choice. The price is not much different and it’s also slightly less greasy at Dim Sum a Go Go. Enjoy.

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